Sunday, September 5, 2010

Interior Design

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Quick living room makeover

Damage: You can change the perception of your living room by eliminating all signs of damage from the room. You can hide worn upholstered furniture by hiding the problems using slipcovers. If the furniture still looks like it sags after the slip covers are put on you can put a board under the pillows and use padding in needed areas. If you have broken wood furniture items, repair them. What cannot be repaired, you should probably throw aware and replace. For table tops, side tables, and other wood items that are scratched and damaged, you can cover the damage by painting the item or even adding tiles to flat surfaces.

Mood: Another quick way to change the room quickly is the change the room’s mood. The mood of the room could be altered by adding or softening lighting, or by installing dimmers. Wall hangings
can also change the mood of the room. Bright colored abstract art can energize a room while a soft, romantic oil painting will lend relaxation and sophistication to a room. The larger the piece is the bigger effect it will have on the room. A subtle way to give your living room a quick makeover is the change the smells in the room. Purchase candles with pleasant and relaxing scents, or add seasonal items to the room like flowers, or cinnamon scented pinecones.

Color scheme: Dress us a bland or boring room by changing the color scheme. This can be accomplished in a single shopping trip to your favorite department store. Pick a family of colors that coordinates with your current décor, and purchase throw pillows, throw blankets, new curtain panels, or a curtain scarf to top existing panels. You may want to purchase an area rug as well.

This is also a quick and inexpensive way to decorate seasonally. In the fall, you can purchase these items in rust and yellow colors, during the holidays you can use cranberry, and green, in late winter, you can use silver and blue. For spring, you can purchase your accessories in greens and yellows, and bring in whites in the summer.

Drastic changes: If you feel your room needs drastic changes, it can be doe most quickly and easily with paint.

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